Ronin (Ryoichi Kurosawa)

Shun OguriElectrical Engineer
Ambitious & LoyalUSC Student
HastyObrimos Mage
Adamantine Arrow
  • Roommate with Clayton LeRoy
  • Son of Reiko Kurosawa
  • Double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Music
  • Performs Hip Hop and also plays the Cello
  • His mother moved out to Los Angeles to stay close to him
    • Early on Ryo seemed to resent his mother, but they seem to have made amends
  • Is the reason you are all in this mess
    • He was the one, who upon hearing from Jay that there may be tunnels, jumped at the opportunity to go exploring
  • Had some really vivid and disturbing dreams
  • Practices Taekwondo and Kendo
  • Obsessed with Professor William Manchester
  • Awoke as a Mage during a Rap Battle
    • Which he won BTW