Axl (William Manchester)

Paul HollywoodProfessor
Know it allMusic & Engineering
Obnoxious & ArrogantMoros Mage of the Silver Ladder
  • In Mortal life was a high school drop out who spent the mid to late 80s following Hollywood Rose and their combination with LA Guns
  • Axl dreamed of being in a band so all he would do is practice his vocals, and whatever instruments he could find
  • Was supremely poor so he would take a lot of broken instruments and repair them
  • Awoke during a Guns ‘N Roses show, with his signing dealing with him being able to fix and repair the band’s equipment
  • As he grew up with his new abilities, he became obsessed with focusing on the breaking point of what you can do without magic and the exact moment when magic is needed for something
  • Because of how he awoke, Axl firmly believes anyone is capable
  • He uses his professorship as a means to find potential mages
  • Because he has earned everything without a college or even high school degree he is arrogant and pompous
  • To people who claw and fight and are scrappy, he loves them
  • Practical experience above everything else
  • Mages who use magic too much drive him nuts