Henry “Hal” Dorn V

Joseph Gordon-LevittBusiness Major
LoyalUSC Student
CompetitiveHunter of Ashwood Abbey
  • “Roommate” with Jay Lyle
  • Currently dating Nia Alston
  • Remember when he ordered tiramisu for the entire Freshman class?
    • In retrospect, the $5,000 they charged wasn’t enough
  • Has a wonderfully, sarcastic sense of humor to him
  • Owner of a very fast, and expensive, Ferrari F12
  • Spent the majority of his Freshman year building a business plan and product around easily customizable, cloud-based, computer AI algorithms with Jay
  • Has a knack for botching perception checks
  • When he finally did enter the Hedge and see the supernatural, his mind attempted to block it out completely
    • Was able to remember it eventually by driving really fast, something he’s quite good at
  • Has now successfully witnessed supernatural events with his own senses, and his mind was able to withstand it
  • Where Hal goes from here, is anyone’s guess …