Jay Lyle

Charlie DayBusiness & Computer Science
Reader of far too many Occult theoriesUSC Student
A deep love of pancakesHuman
  • “Roommate” with Hal Dorn
  • Talks way too much
  • Tries very hard to make friends, talking endlessly about things he likes
  • Not a bad guy, but he’s not a great listener
  • Has all the skills to go straight to Silicon Valley, but made a promise to go and finish school
  • Rarely sleeps, spends all of his time working on something. Has a side business that helps him pay for stuff and for college
  • Because of the California weather, and his roommates hating the glow of the monitor, Jay spends most of his time at night working around campus or all night coffee shops
  • Has multiple laptops depending on what he needs, with vital data being shared amongst them
  • Does have access to the deep web but he spends so much time covering his tracks that he doesn’t find a lot of useful information