Nia Alston

Amandla StenbergNarrative Studies
Warm & enthusiasticUSC Student
Understanding but strong willedHuman
  • Roommate with Megan Alastair
  • Currently dating Hal Dorn
  • Has a desire to understand the context for how stories and art gets made
  • Has strong opinions on how things should be, but will also try and figure out why people feel a particular way
  • Hoping to translate this degree into more stories of any format by minorities and people of color
  • Great at highlighting why minority stories are unique, but how they are rooted in common stories we all love
  • For fun loves to do Parkour around the campus and city
    • Wants to be as fast as Chase one day …
  • Is a very good judge of character so she’ll very rarely be hanging out with sketchy people
    • Minus all the sketchy people the group hangs out with =P
  • Unsure of how she will fit in with the Scholarly Seven as they transition into new supernatural powers, but thanks to their encouragement is determined to find a way