Nia Alston

Amandla StenbergNarrative Studies
Warm & enthusiasticHalf Moon | Elodoth (Walker Between)
Understanding but strong willedBone Shadows Werewolf
  • Roommate with Megan Alastair
  • Currently dating Hal Dorn
  • Has a desire to understand the context for how stories and art gets made
  • Has strong opinions on how things should be, but will also try and figure out why people feel a particular way
  • Hoping to translate this degree into more stories of any format by minorities and people of color
  • Great at highlighting why minority stories are unique, but how they are rooted in common stories we all love
  • For fun loves to do Parkour around the campus and city
    • Wants to be as fast as Chase one day …
  • Is a very good judge of character so she’ll very rarely be hanging out with sketchy people
    • Minus all the sketchy people the group hangs out with =P
  • Had her first change, December 19, 2012 at around 9:30 PM. She cycled through all of the different Werewolf forms to hunt down and kill the ghoul Rembrant who was trying to get something from Thomas Dante, and who tried to fight Ronin.