Neon (Clayton LeRoy)

Lakeith StanfieldFine Arts
Hard of Hearing / DeafUSC Student
PerfectionistAcanthus Mage
The Mysterium
  • Roommate with Ronin
  • He was very young, maybe 8 or so when his hearing was effectively lost
  • When presented with new people he will be very nice and friendly and present them his card. It will give tips on how to best communicate with him and give his cell phone for them to text
  • Graffiti artist, expanding his skill set
  • He’s going for fine arts but doesn’t have a lot of money
    • Does the best he can to sell prints of his work and to get paid for murals if possible
  • Has been apprehensive to go on these Occult missions, fearful of what would happen to him if the authorities were to catch the group
  • Been working on his end of semester art showcase tirelessly the past few weeks
  • Invited the whole group to his parent’s house on Thanksgiving